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“I’ve poured tens of thousands of feet of curb and the Phoenix 7500 pours as perfect a curb as you’ll ever find—on time, under budget and with fewer labor costs.  It will open up a whole new revenue stream for us.”

Donnie Hawkins

Project Mgr. Green River Group

The Curbie™ Curb Saw’s ability to cut at any angle making for endless applications attracted a lot of media attention at World of Concrete 2013.  

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Phoenix Curb Machines™ is a Registered Trademark Copyright 2015 Phoenix Curb Machines.  All Rights Reserved

The Phoenix PCM-3300 boasts a raisable mold/hopper, included TopCon System 5 Sonar and all-wheel drive

    • Easy transport at 3,300 pounds

    • Setup cleanup under 45 minutes

    • All-wheel hydraulic drive

    • Pour 18” tight radius

    • Below grade capable/raisable hopper

    • iTerra™ multi-functional controller


The industry’s first true mid-size curb and

gutter machine, the Phoenix 7500 does almosteverything the giant machines can

do but at 2/3 the price:

    • Pour 36” tight radius at 24” x 24”

    • Below grade capable

    • 6’ Trimming auger included

    • Under 10,000 pounds

    • Easy transport behind a 1-ton truck

    • Cleanup in under an hour

    • iTerra™ multi-functional controller


New high production concrete cutting saw for multiple applications including curbs, bridge parapets, safety barriers, and walls.

    • Cut at virtually any angle

    • 36” diamond blade

    • Cut up to 5’ high

    • On-board water supply

    • Ideal for rehab or reclamation projects       when combined with the Phoenix PCM       3300

ConTech International, LLC was formed to build and bring to market new, innovative and affordable slip form curb machines as well as our fully articulating concrete saw.  We now have patents or pending patents on all of our innovations.  We are doing business as Phoenix Curb Machines and are dedicated to providing our customers with superior solutions to concrete construction site challenges.  Please take a look at our product offerings and give us a call.

We have identified the need for slip form curb machines that are easily transported, simple to set up, easy to operate and quickly cleaned. Slip form molds can be easily changed, allowing the operator to move from one project to another without any significant down time.

To ensure your success, be certain that you are purchasing a genuine trademarked Phoenix Curb Machine from ConTech International, LLC. We are proud to offer “real” customer references, invite you to visit their job sites to see real machines in action as well as visit our manufacturing facilities.

Our PCM-3300 and Curbie Concrete saw are assembled for us by Motion Industries Inc.. In Salt Lake City, Utah. Motion Industries is part of the “Genuine Parts Company”; the same company that also owns NAPA Auto Parts. Our PCM-7500 is hand crafted at our Anderson, California facility by our own technology team. Our machines are proudly made in the United States by American craftsmen that will work for your success as advertised!

As with any purchase, research your choice thoroughly.  Because of the unique, patented nature of Phoenix Curb Machines, there are some companies and individuals who may attempt to appear as though they are part of our company, but are are not. For more information you can check out these links.



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“Ease of transport and ease of use is what we needed. We move this machine with a pickup truck, set up in under an hour and cleanup even faster...and the curbs look great! The PCM-3300 truly delivers!”


Guillermo Siller

CEO/HESI Enterprises, Inc.

Regardless of your mold’s shape, we can provide you with the perfectly matched finishing tools to go along.  Attached to a pole-grip, the hardest part of the finish can be completed without bending over.

Be sure to ask for your personalized finishing tools!

PCM-3300 PCM- 7500 Curbie iTerra (TM)